SLI Display for the different parameters, which is require for operator to operate the crane safely. It consists of different indications like Safe, Warning, Overload and Anti two block with audible and visual indications. It will be easy to warn the operator.


Dynamometer : Dynamometer assembly for sensing the actual load, lifted by the crane. it consist beam type Load cell for sensing the lifted load. It is having the different mounting arrangement as per requirement.


Recoil drum: The application of the Recoil drum to sense the length of the Telescope boom, which extend or retract automatically. This is spring loaded type with slip-ring contact.

It also has the Angle Sensor for measuring the Angle of the Boom.


Another type of Load cell assembly for measuring the lifted load by the crane. it is having the zero maintenance cost up to sensor life.


ATB Switch Assembly: ATB switch assembly for over hoist limit, to avoid the two blocks, hook and boom head.


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